Cinnamon Whole Grain Pancakes
Some things you can fix, and some things you can’t. And I just think it is a shame to walk away from the things you can. THIS. 55 notes
Marry someone who can make you laugh in public and scream in bed. Me giving my friend relationship device (via adorability) 245,734 notes

The one you love and the one who loves you are never, ever the same person. Chuck Palahniuk, Invisible Monsters (via larmoyante) 3,172 notes

Daily Sugar: Mathilde Gøhler [NSFW]

Rhoxy Villasenor ~ JULY2014 LA 

A Bathing Ape 2014 Fall/Winter Ladies Collection.
إذا عرفت نفسك فلا يضرك ما قيل فيك
“If you know yourself, then you’ll not be harmed by what is said about you.”
Imam Sufyan Al Thawri (via cavum) 36,713 notes